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Last Update: Sat Nov 21 03:25:02 -0500 2009

Bugs & Contributing Code

If you would like to change how this software works, report a bug, or request a feature, use the github issue tracker.

Running the Specs/Tests for FixtureReplacement

You will need rspec (version 1.0.8 or later) to run the specs, as well as the sqlite3-ruby gem (and sqlite3 installed):

% gem install rspec sqlite3-ruby

cd into the fixture_replacement plugin directory:

% cd vendor/plugins/fixture_replacement

Then run with rake

% rake

There are also some tests for test/unit. These mainly serve as regressions, but you are free to run them as well.

Test Coverage

specdocs, rcov, flog

Patches, Contributions:

Thanks to the following for making this software better:

  • Greg Bluvshteyn (, for bugging me about the naming, and making the wonderful suggestion to use the plugin in the console.
  • Simon Peter Nicholls
    • default_* methods can take a hash (applied in rev. 11)
  • Wincent Colaiuta ( - Huge Thanks
    • patch for spelling error in comments (applied in revision 31)
    • patch for specs with sqlite3 (applied in revision 35)
    • patch to ignore attr_protected in mass assignment (applied in revision 57)
    • Most of this README Documentation (applied in revision 62)
    • patch: silencing sqlite3 in memory creation of table output (applied in revision 72)
    • doc patch: typo fix in readme
  • Carl Porth
    • patch: classify should be camelize (applied in revision 74)
  • LinoJ, JW, Matthew Bass, Andy Watts, Dave Spurr
    • bug reports
  • Bryan Helmkamp: Feedback on back associating models.
  • Pat Nakajima: Wonderful ideas from Fixjour. Elimination of default_* methods in favor of new_* methods. validation of new instances.